Monaco says “no” to plastic straws


As part of its plastic pollution reduction policy, the Monegasque government has decided to ban all plastic straws and mixing sticks starting January 1, 2019. Consumers are encouraged to substitute them with metal or bamboo alternatives.

In 2016, the plastic reduction process in Monaco began with the ban on single-use plastic bags for packing groceries. Today, “ecologically compatible” bags must be composed of organic based materials in a gradually increasing percentage, reaching 60% in 2025.

Marie-Pierre Gramaglia, governmental council for Monaco issued this statement: “the reduction of plastic waste is a major key for the overall reduction of greenhouse gas emissions since they represent about 11% of all volume and 80% of GHG emissions from their incineration.” She went on to cite that “plastic is also responsible for 75% of the pollution of the seas and oceans in the form of microparticles, which are very harmful to biodiversity. This is a major issue for the preservation of marine biodiversity.”

Anto-plastic progress throughout the years

Since 2014, Monaco’s Environmental Department has undertaken a “Committed Commerce” initiative to promote eco-responsible practices among the Principality’s producers, merchants, and consumers. This Label now has 67 stores spread across all neighborhoods.

In 2019, the Department of the Environment will launch the “Impact Restaurant” label. It will specifically target restaurants and takeaway establishments, which will include assistance with the removal of single-use plastic utensils and packaging.

Valérie Davenet, Director of the Environmental Department emphasized that “this free and personalized support is offered to the establishments that wish it. The label highlights the good practices already undertaken by many restaurateurs in the Principality of Monaco. The reduction of plastics and also the fight against food waste are at the heart of this approach.”

This ban on plastics will extend to cotton buds, plates, cups, glasses, and disposable cutlery on January 1, 2020. This is part of Monaco’s ongoing efforts to protect and improve the environment.

Information per the Principality’s official website.