Teleservice for declaring internships

Following the success met for several years by the “Teleservice Job Offer”, the Employment Service, with the support of the Department of Social Affairs and Health, launched yesterday, December 1, 2018, a new “Teleservice Declaration of Internships” for employers in the Principality.

As part of the Digital Transition initiative of the Prince’s Government, and in accordance with the will of dematerialisation of administrative procedures, this new teleprocedure, developed with the technical assistance of the Directorate of Digital Administration, will allow companies in the Principality to declare their trainees from the Government’s online platform.

This new online approach, simple and secure, is organised in several stages:

Step 1: Identification via a password
Step 2: Information about the internship, enclosing the scanned internship agreement
Step 3: Information about the trainee, attaching a copy of his scanned identity documents
Step 4: Validation of the declaration

Therefore, all the exchanges between the employer and the Employment Service as part of the processing of these requests are dematerialized, and the employer will be able to follow in real time the status of his application, whether it is being processed, and/or validated.

In addition to the security aspect of the process, by means of a password, this procedure offers companies real flexibility since it is available 24 hours a day, every day of the week.

The two access points to this teleservice are:

  • Government Internet Portal> Company Area> Employment and Social> Declaring a trainee
  • Government Internet Portal> Homepage, “Online actions” section

This new online initiative reinforces the already existing system in terms of e-government and responds to the constant desire of the Prince’s Government to modernise its relations with citizens while limiting its ecological footprint.