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Eight years in prison for Graff jewelry thief


Author of the robbery of the Graff jewelry store in 2016, Marko Calovic was finally sentenced on January 1,5, 2019 to eight years imprisonment. The thief had acknowledged and admitted to the theft in the criminal court of Monaco. At the end of this sentence, the criminal will be tried again in Austria to answer for another heist.

Flashback: on December 22, 2016, a certain Marko Calovic enters the Graff jewelry store located inside the Casino de Monaco. Perfectly dressed, he takes out a Beretta and makes off with nearly 4.5 million euros of jewelry. A few minutes later, as he was attempted to escape by taxi, he was arrested. The surveillance footage from the scene left no doubt as to his guilt.

8 years, then life?

The accused had admitted to the theft from the first day of his trial. While prosecutor Cyrielle Colle asked for ten years’ imprisonment, the Monaco Criminal Court finally sentenced the 44-year-old to eight years in prison. His time in prison may not stop there, however, as upon his release, he will be extradited to Vienna, Austria, for judgment in another case. In July 2016, the serial thief had already committed a robbery in an Austrian jewelry establishment, for a payout of up to one million euros. For this crime, Marko Calovic faces life imprisonment.


*Article originally published on the French edition of the Monaco Tribune.