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Monegasques attend World Youth Day in Panama

22 young people from the Principality joined Panama and Pope Francis to attend the World Youth Day (WYD). They are looking forward to the big final Mass next Sunday.

For six days, 22 young people from Monaco have had a real adventure in Panama, among thousands of other young people, gathered around Pope Francis for World Youth Day (WYD).

The group, supervised by Father Julien Gollino, head of the Diocese Youth Service, has a busy schedule during this week of meetings, concerts and other events. Most importantly, these teachings – catechesis – address topics close to young people and invite them to exchange and debate among cultures and opinions from around the world.

“The experience is amazing”

Living the big gatherings around the pope is also an experience they will not forget. It was not easy for the group to make a place for the reception of the pope Wednesday night, nor for the way of the cross of Friday night – real live show staged by the organisation. “It took a few plays to be fairly well placed. The experience is incredible,” says Franck Maury, one of the supervisors.

“The Pope speaks as if he spoke to each of us in particular, I really did not think I would be affected by these WYD,” says a young high school girl from Monaco.

But they have not seen everything yet. The vigil and the final mass that they will live this Sunday will finish engraving in their memory an unforgettable memory. Imagine millions of young people praying silently together. Imagine a night under the stars and finally a final mass where the Pope will send these young people, on a mission, from all over the world. This is the program of the last day.

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Sunday Mass Broadcast in Monaco

The Youth Service welcomes the public to Agora, diocesan house, this Sunday afternoon from 13h 30 to live, with the jet lag, the final mass of these WYD on a giant screen!

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