25 years after its closure, a brand new motorway bridle will open in 2021 or 2022 in Beausoleil to unclog access to Monaco

Photo Jean-Fran├žois Ottonello
In order to “oxygenate the local service to Monaco and neighbouring municipalities”, the Beausoleil temporary motorway junction, closed in 1994, will become permanent in 2021 or 2022.

Everything happens as if they had given the word, on the side of Nice. While the CCI is working on a project of maritime shuttles, that the boss of the Riviera PS launches the idea of a VAL between La Turbie and Monaco and that the Nice-C├┤te d’Azur Metropole is also looking into the issue through its future Local Town Planning Plan – unfortunately, we will not know any more for now – here is that the Alpes-Maritimes Departmental Council has just unblocked money to improve access to Monaco.


At the plenary session on Friday, February 8th, the Department voted the co-financing agreement for the creation of the new Beausoleil motorway junction.


“This development is expected for years to oxygenate the local service of Monaco and neighbouring municipalities particularly congested during peak hours,” said Charles Angel Gin├ęsy, the president of the departmental assembly. The Department of Alpes-Maritimes is therefore supported┬á ÔéČ1,235 M for the realisation of this outing. The improvement of the conditions of fluidity road all over the territory of the Alpes-Maritimes is a necessity, an obligation and a duty and it is with a lot of pride and voluntarism that we hold our commitments in this area.”

For the record, this temporary ramp was created in 1986. It was operational until 1994, before being closed down for the construction of the A500 tunnel. Which, 20 years later, is asphyxiated. Hence the demand of users and local elected officials to reopen this ramp, in order to decongest road access to Monaco.

The cost of building, maintaining and operating these facilities amounted to ÔéČ6 million excluding tax, whose financing is broken down as follows:

  • ÔéČ 2.145 million at the expense of the Principality of Monaco
  • ÔéČ 1.235 million for the Department
  • ÔéČ 0.2 million for the Agglomeration Community of the French Riviera
  • The balance (ÔéČ 2.42 million) at the expense of Escota.

According to the county council, work could begin in 2021 for commissioning in 2022. The mayor of La Turbie hopes a year earlier.