3 municipal projects proposed by school students in the Junior Communal Project

The public meeting of the Municipal Council opened on Tuesday, March 26, with the presentation of the projects proposed by the students participating in the 2018-2019 Junior Communal Project (PCJ).

In the presence of C├ęcile Mouly, in charge of extracurricular projects, C├ędric Bertrand, principal of the Charles III college, and Franck Fantino, pedagogical director of the Fran├žois d’Assise secondary school Nicolas Barr├ę (FANB), the students presented their work in turn to the elect. The elected representatives voted by a show of hands the validation of the three projects.


Students in the 6th grade of FANB college, supervised by their history teacher, M├ęryl Fouilleron, worked on the implementation of a project that had been proposed by a student of the previous edition of the CPJ.┬á Namely the organization of a day intergenerational to promote the transmission of knowledge and exchange between college and senior citizens.

The work of the students required regular exchanges with the Social Action Service of the town hall, and more specifically its section Home maintenance responsible for entertainment for seniors. A very concrete project therefore, which will lead to the organization of the first edition of “Generations Day” (as baptized by college students) Friday, May 3 at the House of Associations, with the program of many workshops like cooking recipes exchange of the world, digital workshop, life stories, games etc.


A group of students from 3rd and 4th of Charles III college, under the leadership of their teacher, Sylvie Leporati, proposed a contest of street art. Could soon be integrated into the UPAW event (Urban Painting Around the World).


This same group of students has devised a Monegasque version of the famous show “France has incredible talent”, entitled “M├║negu gh’a talentu” that would allow young people in the Principality to express their talent. The teams of the town hall will work on the feasibility of this event that could be held at Espace L├ęo-Ferr├ę.