On Tuesday of this week, Serge Telle handed Martin Peronnet, CEO of Monaco Telecom, a letter of intent for the financing of Internet security solutions for individuals and professionals: Monaco Care Safety and Monaco Care Password, high-performance services to secure smartphones, computers or tablets.

Already engaged in the digital transition, the Royal Government is now addressing the protection of users’ personal data and is committed alongside the Monegasque operator Monaco Telecom for Internet security solutions. The initiative is part of the Principality’s Digital Security Strategy, conducted in close collaboration with the AMSN (Monegasque Digital Security Agency), since 2016.

Minister of State Serge Telle said that “the digital sphere must remain at the service of the human, individuals, and the community. It is not a question of restricting freedom but of protecting it. This is one of the goals of our work. And, from this point of view, the commitment of the public authorities is essential. It is a sovereign mission, as is the security of property and people.”

Solutions developed in collaboration with F-Secure, a reference in the digital security sector

For several months now, Monaco Telecom has been deploying a new service in collaboration with F-Secure, a multi-award winning and internationally recognized business that develops Internet security solutions.

Monaco Care Safety, the first solution, will offer security features, such as anti-virus software, secure browsing, banking protection, localization of equipment and parental safeties. The second solution, Monaco Care Password, will safely store passwords, credit card numbers, and other important information.

Five licenses will be offered free of charge to all Ultra-Broadband Internet customers and LaBOX Mini & Maxi customers beginning in June. These services will be compatible with different computers (PC, MAC) and operating systems (Android and iOS).

*Article originally published on the French edition of the Monaco Tribune.