How Monaco’s digital transition is already making waves in the Principality and abroad


The Principality’s government has been very straightforward about placing their “digital transition” at the heart of the country’s progress in the coming years. Changing the digital landscape will help to guide the country’s economic transformation through the integration of various digital technologies. Monaco’s full digital transition is underway, and there are several keys to achieving a long-term success that will keep development in stride with other countries making the same changes. All of this sounds great, however, what does creating this type of digital ecosystem entail, and what does it mean for the future?

Frédéric Genta, leading the way

One key figure in Monaco’s efforts is the Interministerial Delegate for the digital transition FrĂ©dĂ©ric Genta, a role he began in March. He will guide the Rocher’s revolution as an advisor working directly with the government and a number of external persons taking the form of persons from both the public and private sectors. Monaco’s ambitions for this transition are ambitious and in as much Mr. Genta will have a large scope within which he can operate. Much of his attention will be directed internally, at least in the early stages, with the digitalization of administrative services and processes. A sovereign order for the “direction of the digital administration” was issued in September to assist in the facilitation of online user access.


This past November, Mr. Genta led the first meeting of the Monaco Digital Advisory council. The council is composed of world experts from the digital sector and has the goal of proposing solutions for the Principality’s main digital challenges, evoking its members’ respective networks and company services for the benefit of Monaco, and to act as ambassadors for Monaco’s digital transition outside the country.

The “Direction for the Development of Digital Deployment”, also replaced the “Directorate for Electronic communications”, to ensure the development of smart-city-related services. Their responsibilities include innovations and experiments concerning electronic communications.

A worldwide first, the leap to 5G 

One of the major current trials is the introduction of 5G web services within the Principality. Despite the delays inherent in administrative work, the digital transition has already birthed its first success.  In September, Google organized a very first training session in Monaco. An auspicious start for interministerial delegate Genta who wants to make the Principality as attractive in terms of digital opportunities as it is in the luxury, financial, and ecological sectors.

In June 2019, fifth generation cellular mobile services, better known as 5G, will be available in the Principality. This launch is a worldwide first and is to be run through Monaco Telecom and Huawei.  “The principality is the first country in the world to integrate 5G service: Monaco’s tomorrow is emerging today. The power of the 5G implemented via a precise territorial network will be an essential platform for the digital transition,” FrĂ©dĂ©ric Genta explained.

From private trade shows to inter-governmental collaboration

This transition is also being bolstered by private trade fairs like the Monaco Business Expo. This year’s event featured a “Prix du NumĂ©rique” (The Digital Prize). The prize, new to the 2018 edition of the Monaco Business Expo, rewarded an innovative technological concept – the surgical probe Tamanoir, which was created by the Monegasque startup Surgisafe.

On a broader level, the government is also striking deals with other digitally inclined countries like Luxembourg. Recently, the Monegasque Minister of State, Serge Telle and the Prime Minister and Minister of State, Xavier Bettel signed a declaration of intent allowing for constructive exchanges between the countries’ respective administrations in the digital domain.

In his own words, Mr. Genta explained: “My job is to ensure that the Monegasque government, Monegasque companies, the country’s citizens, and residents benefit from the digital world. For that, it is necessary to rise to an international level, to be at the front of the push and to move quickly.”

With such a positive attitude, Monegasques could soon see autonomous electric shuttles weaving through Principality and enjoy wi-fi enabled bus stops. The sky is the limit for the Rocher and its digital transition.