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How Monaco’s hotels are aiding confinement

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The lockdown period has provided Monaco’s residents and fans alike with an insight into the services offered by the Principality’s best hotels. From recipes to yoga, spa treatments to crafts, Monte-Carlo Société des Bains de Mer (SBM) has plenty of confinement activities for all generations.



Colouring-in famous Monaco sights

The twitter account of Monte-Carlo SBM and Metropole Hotel Monte-Carlo has released some colouring-in sheets to keep the children busy during lockdown. A simple but effective idea, it can be printed easily at home and gets the creative juices flowing.


Staying in shape at home with yoga

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It seems many people are trying their hand at this practice while in confinement, and for good reason too. It is easily done from your own home, keeps one active and can help with feelings of worry during this time. In China, yoga matt sales even rose by 250% during a two-week period in February compared to last year’s sales. The Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo have released some of their top tips for making the most of your yoga session. This includes focusing on controlled breathing (which can be easily forgotten without an instructor reminding you to do so!) and muscle-strengthening activities.

The Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo

The Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo


Recipes galore by some of the best chefs in the world 

Whereas sadly the more exclusive dining experiences of Monaco are closed (and not offering delivery service, strange!), you can take advantage of some recipes from top chefs. Fabrizzio Fossati, of COYA, and Marcel Ravin, of Blue Bay, reveal some dishes to try at home. Try your hand at Ravin’s roast chicken and Peruvian-style pork, lomo de res.


Anti-stress spa treatments

The Metropole Hotel’s  renowned spa is offering techniques on how to give yourself a calming massage at home. This anti-stress technique will leave you feeling less stressed and skin fully moisturised, shared by therapists at the Spa Metropole by Givenchy. Some of their tips include always massage from the inside towards the outside of the face and always from the bottom up. If you are wanting a more radiant complexion, perform ‘Jacquet’ pinches – this is a technique which twists the skin between thumb and forefinger to allow more oxygen into the deeper layers of the skin.

Read, watch, listen

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Top up on some culture with SBM’s recommendations. Scratch one by Michael Crichton is their book of choice, telling an exciting tale of a Riviera-based lawyer in the 1960s thrown into danger. The film of course had to be GoldenEye, a Pierce Brosnan era James Bond which gives limelight to the Principality in one of the opening scenes. Without resorting to cliché, we definitely recommend making a vodka martini when watching this one. And if you’re missing the atmosphere of a bar to enjoy your martini, why not try their recommended playlists instead? Compilations curated by Buddha Bar and COYA Monte-Carlo feature.


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