Trying Monaco’s takeout meals during the quarantine

Monaco take-away food coronavirus
Nataliia Bezruk

The new coronavirus mode of life dictates its own rules: social distancing means we can no longer enjoy Saturday dinners with friends, outside morning yoga classes and trips to the cinema. A simple joy such as as having your favourite food delivered to your doorstep has come to represent a fragile bridge between current isolation and memories of our usual way of life.



After the announcement of the new measures in the Principality, the streets of Monte Carlo have become noticeably deserted. Rare jogging in the evenings and walks with pets are the only time of outside “entertainment” left at the moment. While Amazon continues to deliver only basic necessities and deliveries from supermarkets can’t always satisfy all of our needs, Monaco’s restaurateurs are trying their best to boost the morale of Principality’s residents by sending culinary delights from their kitchen right to your doorstep.


There’re hardly many choices left during the confinement period with only the most strong-willed still open: Italian restaurant Cipriani, Chinese cuisine from Song QI, Grubers burgers, patisserie La Riviera Monte Carlo, fresh pasta go-to place Maison des pâtes, sushi restaurant My sushi and several other places offering casual lunch and dinner menus.


I decided to try out the delivery service during the confinement period and ordered breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Start the day right

The new mode of life means new habits. Ideally, the healthy ones. Organic juices from MOCO will help with starting the day right. Breakfast in the form of freshly squeezed mix of carrots, apples, lemon and turmeric is a real vitamin boost for the whole day.

During the day, organic shots with ginger and cayenne pepper will help your immune system, and if you want to give your body a total detox, order a box of 12 juices. Each bottle contains vitamins and minerals in the same quantities as half a kilo of fruit or vegetables.

In addition, the owners guarantee health and safety measures from the moment the juice is squeezed, to the moment MOCO‘s fashionable juice bottles are delivered to your doorstep. All health and safety measures are observed: gloves, masks and contactless delivery.

Menu: 6 kinds of juices in bottles of 300 ml or 60 ml

Price: from 40 euros per box

Delivery: same-day delivery. Contactless payment




If the morning detox worked for you and by lunchtime you’re craving for something more substantial, it is time to order your lunch.

The Italian restaurant La Salière offers three types of pasta: pappardelle with tomatoes and mozzarella, spaghetti with tomato sauce and basil and paccheri with meatballs. Prices start at 18€ per dish.

There’re also five types of pizza, starters, and several meat dishes on offer.

In fact, the portion was so large that it could be enough food to feed to hungry people. In addition to the pasta, there was a portion of grated Parmesan.

Menu: 3 types of snacks, 4 types of pasta, 5 types of pizza, 3 types of meat dishes

Drinks: none

Price: paccheri with meatballs, tomatoes and cheese – 22 euros

Delivery: lunch 11:45–14:00, dinner 18:45–21:00. Minimum 40 minutes waiting time


Asian-style dinner

Watching your favourite series with a pack of crisps is always a good idea, but why not order some sushi? My sushi restaurant is still offering to deliver most set sushi menus, Japanese snacks, sashimi, and even miso soup.

I chose a small sushi box consisting of seven sushi and six rolls. The order was served with two kinds of soy sauce, a small portion of ginger, some wasabi and chopsticks.

Menu: snacks, sushi, rolls, sashimi, sushi sets, tartar, tataki, yakitori, shirashi, side dishes

Drinks: none

Prince: sushi-set “So good” (13 pieces) – 22 euros

Delivery: lunch 11:45–14:00, dinner 18:45–21:00. Minimum 40 minutes waiting time after placing your order


Nataliia Bezruk