As part of the digital transition program, the “digital twin” project is being launched in Monaco. The program’s objective: improve the Monegasque quality of life through digital mapping.

Every building and street down to the very last lamppost or tree in Monaco is to be digitally registered and reproduced. This ambitious mapping endeavor is about to come to fruition thanks to the Principality’s “digital twinning” project.

A 3D interface compiling all the territory’s topographical data is indeed under development. As an example, the district of Condamine has already been virtualized. In the long-term, it will be a question of submitting all the real estate projects or street level modifications to this avatar in order to measure their impacts and to adjust them accordingly function. By promoting interaction between the different actors to develop a collaborative working process, this virtual double will turn the management of the Principality’s physical assets upside down. For example, it will be used to redefine energy consumption through sensors installed in buildings.

This complex project intends to preserve and improve the quality of life in the Principality. Both outcomes meet one of the major goals of the digital transition. Work and traffic problems have indeed plagued Monegasques’ daily life for a few years… By engaging such connected and technological undertakings, the “smart city” of tomorrow is also a promise of better living in the Principality!

*Article originally published on the French edition of the Monaco Tribune.