The flu is back in Monaco: the government focuses on prevention

flu in Monaco
flu in Monaco

As with every year, the flu will touch down in Monaco again. And with it come a lot of recommendations to try to escape falling into its clutches. Of course, taking the vaccine is the surest way to prevent it. And health professionals or people in direct contact with the public are particularly concerned.

With the advent of winter and cold, humid weather, it inevitably returns. An annual event that everyone would do well to avoid: the flu will most likely pop up in Monaco in the coming weeks. And since it is better to prevent than to remedy – which is much longer and less pleasant – the government has already released a statement about vaccination. Recommendations that are not to be taken lightly since the disease is far from innocuous according to the age and health of each patient. The Department of Social Affairs and Health therefore states that from age 65, and for all frail people, the flu vaccine is strongly recommended.

Health professionals on the front line

Health professionals are particularly targeted because they are on the front line of the epidemic, and are not necessarily the most vaccinated in the past. The Department of Social Affairs and Health recalls that the same applies to all people working in so-called “critical” infrastructure such as government, security, water or telecommunications. It is specified that in the Principality, the vaccine is supported by the health insurance organizations and that the Office of the Occupational Medicine of Monaco can also vaccinate persons with public functions in their day to day life.

*Article originally published in the French edition of the Monaco Tribune.