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Villa Troglodyte: ecological luxury in the heart of Monaco

Villa troglodyte Monaco
Villa troglodyte Monaco

In continuity with the environmental policy conducted by Prince Albert II, Principality residents have been invited to discover the astonishing silhouette of Villa Troglodyte for a few months. This rock-cut building offers a real reflection on the use of space and energy.

With no less than five levels covering 500 m², the Villa Troglodyte was designed by architect Jean-Pierre Lott and built by the J. B Pastor & Fils Monegasque Company. At the current location where the impressive house stands, there was only rock. After 20 months of work, the surprising building attracts all eyes passing along Hector Otto Avenue. From the entrance, a footbridge overflies a sumptuous swimming pool to give access to the hall. Then an elevator serves the floors between the floors and the glass ceilings. The project has always been to build a dwelling that is close to nature, and able to blend into the surrounding rock. An ecological and energy-saving optic clearly stands out in its operation.

Betting big on renewable energies

A consistent part of energy expenditure, heating is an essential point in the environmental approach of this extraordinary villa. Geothermal heat pumps combine with photovoltaic panels and cork insulation all help to limit consumption. Like solar energy, renewable solutions are multiplying with rainwater collectors, a greywater recycling system and automation of light sources. With a budget of 3 million euros, Villa Troglodyte offers a new vision of the habitat of tomorrow.


*Article originally published in the French edition of the Monaco Tribune.

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