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Grimaldi Forum prepares to reopen

grimaldi forum monaco prepares to welcome back public
Le Grimaldi Forum Monaco

The Grimaldi Forum Monaco is preparing to resume its event calendar in September by implementing health measures necessary for the safe return of its teams and customers.

Workers return to the Grimaldi Forum


Essential employees at the Grimaldi Forum Monaco (GFM) resumed work on May 4th to ensure the implementation of strict health measures for when it reopens its doors to the public.

GFM prepares to welcome clients

Grimaldi Forum Monaco

Welcoming back the public

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With regard to welcoming the public, temporary measures are available online. As well as social distancing measures and mandatory mask-wearing, the public will also have their temperature checked on arrival and have antibacterial gel made available to them throughout the building.

Security guards and hostesses will wear visors in addition to a mask, and plexiglass screens will be attached to fixed and mobile reception desks. They will receive training in COVID-19 protocol and a COVID-19 advisor will be assigned to customers for all queries which may arise with the reopening. There will be a dedicated space for isolating suspected cases in the event this should happen.

Regular deep cleaning and disinfection will take place for all contact points (ramps, handles, counters, escalator buttons, shared public facilities, sanitary facilities, etc). Security guards and hostesses will also have their uniforms disinfected every day.

grimaldi forum prepares to welcome public after covid 19 pandemic

Grimaldi Forum Monaco prepares to welcome back public

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Working with their clients to get events back on track

These measures are in addition to those of the Prince’s Government, which is carrying out a massive screening of its residents and salaried population.

Solutions have been offered to clients who had organised postponed events. This has made it possible to avoid cancellations as much as possible; only five events were cancelled of the total 25 scheduled between March and July 2020.

For events open to the public, reservations can be made online.

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