In brief

Covid-19: two new positive cases on the Rock as the epidemic rages abroad


The Prince’s Government announced that two new cases of coronavirus had been detected in the Principality on 21st July, at a time when the epidemic is taking an increased hold in neighbouring countries.

The number of people affected by the coronavirus on the Rock now stands at 111. Despite a slight increase in the number of cases, the Prince’s Government, at the most recent meeting of the Covid-19 Joint Monitoring Committee, was quick to reassure residents and visitors alike. As the latest infections were contracted outside Monaco, the spread of the virus remains “under control” in the Principality. Six patients are currently being monitored at home and 100 people have been said to have recovered.

Mask-wearing compulsory in France

Faced with the appearance of new epidemic outbreaks in France, wearing a mask in enclosed public places has been made compulsory since 21st July. According to the latest press release from the Ministry of Health, 6,482 people are hospitalized, 455 of whom are in intensive care. Signs of a general recovery within the population have also been noted in other countries such as Spain, which, for example, reinstated lockdown in Barcelona for two weeks.

According to a report from Agence France-Presse based on official sources and released on 21st July, the coronavirus pandemic has caused at least 610,604 deaths worldwide. The virus is still devastating in the United States and Brazil, currently gaining momentum in Africa and Australia.