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Larvotto Beach ready to welcome disabled people

Direction de la Communication / Stéphane Danna

The ease-of-access site at Larvotto beach (known in French as Handiplage) reopened on July 20th. Those with reduced mobility and disabilities can enjoy the sun from Monday to Friday, from 10 am to 5 pm, until September 11th.

A team of assistances (“handiplagistes”) as well as two tiralos, specially modified beach chairs for people with reduced mobility, are available to accompany swimmers. Due to COVID-19, only two people can access the site at once, and masks must be worn. Those wanting to visit Larvotto can get a free three-hour parking pass. You must reserve with the team of assistance before going on 06 43 91 97 57.


International seal of approval

The Handiplage label is a seal of approval which recognises the level and quality accessibility for people with disabilities. In addition to Larvotto beach in Monaco, some 103 beaches in mainland France and two in the French Overseas Territories have it. More and more beaches abroad are being made accessible to people with disabilities, without necessarily having the label to certify this. Many specialised blogs list the various accessible sites. In Australia, the organisation Accessible Beaches aims to ensure the majority of Australian beaches have ease-of-access to people with reduced mobility and disabilities.

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