In brief

Covid-19: Do you know how well protected you are?

Government of Monaco

The Prince’s Government are offering free blood tests so people can work out how well protected they are against Covid-19.

From Tuesday 29 June, anyone living in Monaco will be eligible for one of these blood tests. Once results are gathered, the Principality will be able to monitor the virus much more effectively. After contracting coronavirus or receiving the vaccine, our bodies respond by producing different antibodies, particularly neutralising antibodies.

It is this type of antibody that experts will look for in the blood samples. Anyone with these antibodies in their blood stream has a very small chance of contracting Covid-19, and even if they do test positive, it is unlikely they would become seriously ill.

A statistical study to prevent transmission

As well as this public health programme, MonaVacc, an observational clinical research study, will do a statistical analysis of the results. Scientists hope to better understand the population’s overall level of protection against the disease in order to help officials devise and implement the best preventative measures. All results will remain anonymous.

Anyone vaccinated or who has previously tested positive for Covid-19 and wants to find out their level of protection against the virus should call to make an appointment.