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Historic result for Monaco at Olympic Games

Bobsleigh Monaco © Wander Roberto _ ANOC Olympic
Bobsleigh Monaco © Wander Roberto _ ANOC Olympic

Rudy Rinaldi and Boris Vain did Monaco proud.

They finished with a remarkable 6th place in the 2-man bobsleigh in Beijing. This is the highest ranking ever achieved by Monaco at either the Winter or Summer Olympics.

We’re going for broke.” Rudy Rinaldi voiced their determination before the final run. They were in 7th place after their first two runs. Motivation and determination were running high for the two Monegasque bobsledders.

As in the first two runs, the Monegasque crew held a good line almost throughout the final descent, finishing with an excellent time of 59”57. This placed the Monaco duo in 4th behind the three German crews for that run, and in a provisional 5th place overall.

It was a good fight

Rudy Rinaldi

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A slight error in a turn, however, prevented the “red and white” bobsledders from getting closer to the all-German podium. They slipped back to 6th place in the final standings. Rudy Rinaldi could not hide his disappointment. “It was a good fight. [… but] I wanted to put in the best run of my career and in the end, because of one turn, I didn’t… I think we deserved better. »

Be that as it may, this result is the best in Olympic history for Monegasque sport. And it is the bobsledders, Rudy Rinaldi and Boris Vain, who have that honour. A reward for all the bobsleigh team’s work under the leadership of coach Bruno Mingeon. The Principality’s long-standing love affair with the bobsleigh continues…