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Covid-19 numbers are on the rise

Communication Department / Michael Alesi

There have been two new admissions to intensive care at the CHPG.

Covid appears to be back. Two weeks ago the Principality recorded 293 new cases of Covid-19, but last week the number rose to 389. A surge that seems to herald the arrival of a new wave. How big a wave remains to be seen.


A total of 34 residents are hospitalised at the Princess Grace Hospital (CHPG). Two patients, including a Monegasque resident, are in intensive care. It has been months since any Covid cases required intensive care admission.

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However, the positivity rate increased only slightly from 26% to 26.7% from one week to the next. The number of PCR and antigenic tests, meanwhile, remains stable with an average of 2,600 tests carried out each week.

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