Free gourmet menu for dogs at Crazy Pizza!

Crazy Pizza menu chiens
Crazy Pizza

Your dog can now enjoy meat-based or vegetarian snacks in Flavio Briatore’s restaurants.  

A new menu… for our four-legged friends! The Crazy Pizza restaurant chain, founded by Monaco resident Flavio Briatore, is launching a gourmet menu for dogs.

The principle? Meat-based or vegetarian snacks on the house! The project came about in partnership with Genuina, manufacturers of top of the range pet food.

From now on, every canine customer that comes into the establishment will be entitled to a pooch “premietto”: a small snack made of chicken, beef and pork. Their masters/mistresses can also ask for a second course: a hamburger, served with vegetables or tofu, all presented in elegant boxes and then served in suitable bowls.

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This will delight doggos in Milan, Rome, Porto Cervo, London and Monte Carlo, where the brand already caters to consumers of the two-legged variety.