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Interview with Claudia Poccia, new CEO of Grace de Monaco

claudia poccia princess grace foundation
Claudia Poccia - All rights reserved

This unique luxury brand will donate all profits to the Princess Grace Foundation.

A luxury brand that supports a worthy cause. This is the objective of the “Grace de Monaco” brand launched by the Princess Grace Foundation-USA. On offer: top-of-the-range products from the luxury and beauty industry, but with a 100% charitable objective. All proceeds will be donated to the Princess Grace Foundation, which supports budding artists by awarding various grants to boost their careers and thus contribute to the development of art worldwide.


Claudia Poccia has been appointed CEO of the brand to lead this ambitious new project. She granted us an interview, in which she talks about this new project, as exciting as it is challenging.

Could you tell us about your background?

I’ve been in the beauty industry for over 30 years. I started working as an associate on the floor of a department store in Florida and worked my way up from there. I’ve held C-Level positions at Estee Lauder, Laura Mercier, Avon Beauty, and bareMinerals. In 2018, I founded my own strategic consultancy company for luxury and beauty brands, advising entrepreneurial and founder-led companies to transform their visions into viable businesses.

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In addition to these roles, I currently serve on the boards Innospec Inc., a global specialty chemicals company, The Fashion Group International, and Stamford Yacht Club.

What are your first impressions as CEO of the Grace de Monaco brand? How did you react when you learned that you would have this new responsibility?

My first impression was one of deep admiration for the Princess Grace Foundation and all that it does to carry on the legacy of Princess Grace. Growing up, I always considered Princess Grace a role model and fashion icon; her elegance and sophistication always inspired me. Over the years, I learned more about her philanthropic spirit, her commitment to the arts, and her pioneering leadership in promoting equity for women in film.

When I found out I would have the privilege of leading this innovative “luxury for good” business, I could not have been more thrilled. Over the course of my career, I’ve had the opportunity to weave philanthropic causes into the work I’ve done with many brands, but what an honour it is to steward a brand whose entire purpose is give back.

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How would you describe the Princess Grace Foundation and the Grace of Monaco brand?

The Princess Grace Foundation carries on the legacy of Princess Grace by supporting emerging artists in theatre, dance and film through grants that can change the course of their careers. As a wholly owned subsidiary of the Princess Grace Foundation, Grace de Monaco is a luxury brand, offering exquisite products in fragrance, home, beauty and accessories, that serves as a new, recurring revenue stream dedicated to ensuring the longevity of the foundation.

How does this brand differ from other luxury brands?

The spirit of doing good is at the heart of Grace de Monaco, and that spirit is what sets us apart. We’re proud to be a first-of-its-kind luxury-for-good brand – 100% of our profits go directly to the Princess Grace Foundation to support emerging artists in theatre, dance and film. Our brand is inspired by an icon; aesthetically beautiful, elevated, and with a humanitarian heart at the core of its DNA.

What are your plans for the brand? Is there anything you would like to implement in the future?

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I have spent my first few months as CEO observing, listening, and learning. I was so impressed with what this team was able to create in such a short time, building a beautiful brand around a singular mission. Our future is full of exciting new product collections as we build out our portfolio, establish new retail partnerships, and explore design partner collaborations…the list is long!

The main thing I am determined to do is keep the core of the brand in tact: we will always be driven by our purpose of doing good as we honour Princess Grace’s legacy.

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