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Venturi presents its lunar rover to Prince Albert II

Prince Albert II and Gildo Pastor with the "FLEX" lunar rover. © Venturi/Bebert

The “FLEX” lunar vehicle should land on the moon’s surface in 2026.

The CEO of the Venturi Group, Gildo Pastor, welcomed the Sovereign to the company’s premises in the Principality, to present “FLEX” to him. The lunar rover is the ‘child’ of an international joint venture between Venturi Astrolab in the United States, Venturi Lab in Switzerland and Venturi in Monaco.

The FLEX rover, created by Venturi. © Venturi/Bebert

The group had a clear objective: to create the largest and most powerful lunar vehicle in history. It will be set down on the moon by SpaceX in a few years’ time.

“Over the past two decades, the Venturi Group has developed some very high-performance and unique electric vehicles. Now it’s time to go further and earn the Venturi Group a place in the history books. On completion of the mission, this rover will be the biggest and most powerful to ever have been sent to the Moon,” said Gildo Pastor, when “FLEX” was first announced, adding, “This is the greatest project of my professional career.”