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Sass’ Café 30 years on: “it’s become a Monegasque institution”

Samy and Sassa Treves, respectively owner and founder of Sass' Café, alongside Prince Albert II. © Sass' Café

Samy Treves, the establishment’s owner, was a guest on Monaco Info. 

It all began in 1993… My parents created a family-run venue that has become a Monegasque institution,” says Samy Treves, adding that at the time they realised “there was a gap between the restaurants and the nightclubs.”


30 years on, the Sass’ Café is a favourite haunt for many, especially the stars, as can be seen from the many photos of Samy Treves and his father ‘Sassa’ rubbing shoulders with greats from the worlds of football, film and music.

As we can read in Monaco-matin, Samy Treves says that “within the next few months, we will be announcing a series of new franchises abroad.”

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