Double ISO Certification for the Port of Monaco

Port of Monaco - Photo by Axel Ahoi

The Port of Monaco: According to the Principality of Monaco’s official website, the SEPM (Société d’Exploitation des Ports de Monaco) earned a double ISO certification for its respect for “quality” and the “environment.”

Following two years of preparation with help from the Monégasque group Expression, the SEPM met the norms of the ISO 9001 for quality and ISO 14001 for the management of environmental impact. The ISO certifications are attributed by the non-governmental body the International Organization for Standardization, based out of Switzerland. This comes after having received the AFNOR Harbor Environmental Management Certification year-after-year since 2011.

Making History

Monaco’s is the first port on France’s Côte d’Azur to obtain the double certification. The Monégasque green port strategy has proved to be ambitious and fruitful. The SEPM’s vision of sustainability in conjunction with the region’s dynamic business environment has made the Port of Monaco a beacon on a hill for other similar transport hubs.

The certifications are symbols of the port’s significant effort toward becoming a modern, quality-driven, environmentally conscious site of business. These achievements are the culmination of years of hard work and cooperation between the government and the port management firm, the SEPM.

The SEPM took over managing harbor activity in 2006. From its inception, the SEPM has headed up several environmental initiatives with the goal of reducing pollution, no matter its source. This has manifested in specialized staff training, attending closely to the cleanliness of water, elimination of grey and black water, obligations toward environmentally friendly products, and thrice-daily refuse collection activities in the port area. The organization actively encourages amateur and professional sailors to be aware of the impact they may be having and to follow best practices when operating in and around the Port of Monaco.

A Greener Monaco

SEPM vice president Alec Keusseoglou had this to say about the reception of these ISO certifications: “This double certification is, first and foremost, the result of a major effort and tireless work from all the men and women here over the last two years. To be certified ISO 9001 means displaying our determination to continue providing quality services to our clients while remaining open to their suggestions and meeting their expectations. Being certified ISO 14001, after having received the European Harbor Environmental Management certification in 2011 means ensuring that we are caring for the environment while conducting our activities. It also represents that we encourage best practices that are destined to preserve these resources.”

This news comes in weeks after the International Airport Council granted the Monaco Heliport carbon neutral status. It is the first heliport to have earned this status, representing yet another promising step towards a greener Monaco.