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Monaco participates in the Ministerial Conference of the Pompidou Group

Monaco participates in the 17th Ministerial Conference of the Pompidou Group.

A Monegasque delegation participated in the 17th Ministerial Conference of the Cooperation Group in the fight against drug abuse and illicit trafficking (Pompidou Group), held in Stavanger (Norway) on 27-28th November 2018. It was based on the theme of “Sustainable Drug Policies and Respect for Human Rights”.

This was Monaco’s first participation in a Ministerial Conference of the Pompidou Group. The Principality became, in January 2016, the 38th Member State of this Partial Agreement of the Council of Europe (created on the basis of an initiative launched in 1971 by President Pompidou).


The primary mission of this Agreement is to contribute, in its member countries, to the development of effective drug policies based on recognised expertise.

On this occasion, S.E.M. Remi Mortier, Ambassador, Permanent Representative of Monaco to the Council of Europe, expressed the commitment of the Government of Monaco to deal with the drug problem, while respecting fundamental rights and human rights, the rule of law and the right to universal access to care.

He recalled that in Monaco, in the field of public health, prevention with young people is a priority, especially in schools. Lastly, he mentioned the interest shown in the work of the Pompidou Group, in particular, to deal with the challenges posed by new psychoactive substances, as well as the sale of illegal substances via the Internet.

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At this conference, which takes place every 4 years, Portugal has replaced Norway as the Group’s President. A quadrennial work program has been adopted. It is based on three thematic priorities: good governance, the development of international drug policies and new challenges. Not to forget the growing threat of Internet addiction and online gambling.