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An international tournament of medieval combat is coming to Monaco


Steel, brimstone, and battle are coming to the Principality!  On February 16th, under the marquee of Fontvieille, a medieval combat competition of epic proportions will bring together the ten best European teams of the moment. Iron will clash, to the victors the spoils!

“Buhurt Prime,” that’s the name of this uncommon event that will be held very soon in Fontvieille. Initiated by Edouard Eme, president of the French federation of medieval combat, and Philippe Rebaudengo, secretary general of the Monegasque association of medieval combat, this international tournament promises to bring a lot of excitement to the Principality. This first edition of the event will be an opportunity to highlight the folklore of the Middle Ages. The event even includes the reconstruction of a village and a medieval market. Above all, it promises to be a real sporting event.

20 kg of armor

How does one practice this sort of medieval jousting today when the sport dates all the way back to the 15th century? Each team is composed of five fighters, each of which is armed and protected by armor weighing nearly 20 kilograms. The goal: to unseat and down your opponents. During this fratricidal fight that lasts between 5 and 10 minutes, the last team standing wins. Not all types of strikes are allowed, of course, and there are many well-defined rules to follow. The Russian team is the favorite to win Buhurt Prime while France will also be playing to win. It should be a real show for the whole family. Come one, come all on February 16th Fontvieille’s round arena!


Ticket going on sale soon

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*Article originally published on the French edition of the Monaco Tribune.

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