Josef Bulva soon in recital at Monaco’s Rainier-III Auditorium

He is an “exceptional pianist” for specialists. Josef Bulva will give a recital in Monaco on 18th January at the Auditorium Rainier-III.

Born in 1943 in Brno, the Czech pianist has been an outstanding virtuoso and exceptional artist since his early childhood. At the beginning of his career, he seduced the world of music with his astonishing technique, which became the emblem of his interpretation.


For Jthe 75-year-old, virtuosity is not an end in itself but is accompanied by an analytical conception of music. The specialists see him as the “pianist of the scientific era”.

Josef Bulva, “exceptional pianist”, shapes the history of music using the third piano pedal, the sostenuto pedal, as an additional means of sound creation. Come and discover it on 18th January at the Auditorium.

What: Recital Josef Bulva, piano.

When: 18th January at 8 pm.

Where: Auditorium Rainier-III of Monaco.

Program: Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin.

Reservation and sale: +377.

Ticketing: Casino Atrium and