The Director of Judicial Services attends a seminar of the International Union of Lawyers

Mr. Laurent Anselmi, Director of Judicial Services, recently took part in the opening of a seminar of the International Union of Lawyers (UIA) on the theme of “The importance of the European Court of Human Rights man in business law.

On this occasion, the Director of Judicial Services delivered a welcome allowance alongside B├ótonnier Issouf Baadhio (Burkina Faso), President of the UIA and Me R├ęgis Bergonzi, of the Monaco Bar, UIA representative to the Council of Europe and organiser of the event.


In his address, Mr. Anselmi focused on presenting the Monegasque judicial institution as a pivot of the rule of law, recalling that the Principality, in 1911, created by the Supreme Court, the first truly constitutional jurisdiction in the world. Referring to the difficulty and the sensitivity of the profession, he stressed the fact that the lawyer is an essential player in the judicial process, which he ensures, whatever the parties and issues, to ensure compliance with the law, thus contributing highly to the mission of justice.

The Director of Judicial Services finally wished to pay tribute to the memory of Mario Lana, a lawyer at the Rome Bar, who disappeared three years ago and whose son, Anton Giulio Lana, member of the UIA was present. A historical and indefatigable militant of human rights, Mr. Mario Lana, has notably distinguished himself in the “defence of the defence”, namely that of the lawyers unjustly persecuted or deprived of freedom because of their action in the service of the justice and law.

In a French-speaking but very cosmopolitan audience from all over Europe, the Maghreb and the Middle East, there was also the presence, during this opening session, of Brigitte Gamba-Gambarini, First President of the Court of Appeal, Sylvie Petit-Leclair, Attorney General, Fran├žoise Carracha and Claire Gillois-Ghera, Counsellors at the Court of Appeal, joined during the day, by Mrs. Fran├žoise Barbier-Chassaing, President of the Court of First Instance, as well as members of the Bar of Monaco including the B├ótonniers Jean-Charles Gardetto and Alexis Marquet.

The Director of Judicial Services then took part in the first part of the seminar devoted to the protection of the right to respect for property by the European Court of Human Rights, by presenting, in the framework of exchanges, a point of Monegasque legal view.