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UN-Monaco continues its commitment to the conservation and sustainable use of marine biodiversity in areas beyond national jurisdiction (BBNJ)

Isabelle Picco, Ambassador, Permanent Representative of Monaco to the United Nations, accompanied by a delegation, is currently participating in the proceedings of the second meeting of the Intergovernmental Conference known as “BBNJ”, held in New York, until 5 April 2019.

The principal elements defended by the Principality in this process of conservation and sustainable use of marine biodiversity are the establishment of a network of management tools by zone. In particular marine protected areas, the role of science, capacity building, the obligation to cooperate and the promotion of any provision that preserves the marine environment, its ecosystem and its biodiversity.

In the margins of the debate, Monaco co-organized two parallel events. The first (26th March), with the Global Ocean Forum, a long-time partner on oceans and climate change issues, focused on capacity building. The second (27th March), with France, the Alliance of Small Island States, the Tara Expeditions Foundation, the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, Harvard University and the International Council of Environmental Law, concerned the involvement of different stakeholders in the field of marine genetic resources.


A reception was also offered at the premises of the Permanent Mission in the presence of the President of the Conference, Ms. Rena Lee, Ambassador for Oceans and Law of the Sea and Special Envoy of the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Singapore, allowing many delegates to continue the discussions in an informal setting. On this occasion, Ambassador Isabelle Picco, French Ambassador for Oceans, Serge Segura, Belize Ambassador Lois Young, President of the Alliance of Small Island States, and André Abreu, Environment and Climate Manager of Tara Expeditions, emphasized the importance of science, partnerships and the private sector for the conservation and sustainable use of the oceans.

The purpose of this second session of the Intergovernmental Conference is to continue to move towards a new binding international agreement that will complement the regime established by the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea. The next session will be held in New York, next August.

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