How to remedy Monaco’s traffic woes?

How to remedy Monaco's traffic woes?
How to remedy Monaco's traffic woes?

Saturated public transport vehicles, jammed neighborhoods, local travel times that seem neverending… In terms of public transportation, Monaco seems more and more on the verge of asphyxiation. But to remedy these traffic ailments, major changes are under consideration with the National Council…

Improve Monegasque quality of life, preserve the attractiveness of the Principality by simplifying the daily lives of residents as well as commuters and tourists, and especially contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions related to vehicular traffic: these are the causes, among others, which the newly-re-elected National Council and its president St├ęphane Valeri intend to tackle soon.

Solutions on land, on sea or by air


Among the many avenues under study, St├ęphane Valeri spoke about the implementation of free buses and their corollaries, an increase in their frequency and substitution of the current fleet of electric buses. For the President of the National Council, “Monaco must be an exemplary city in this area too”. A statement that agrees with the wishes of S.A.S Prince Albert II to see a 30% reduction in road traffic around the Principality.

Achievements on land would be complemented with efforts made on the sea via the launch of maritime links between Nice, Monaco, and Menton. The dossier is receiving a lot of attention as it concerns the daily lives of thousands of commuting employees. But St├ęphane Valeri is reassuring and recently welcomed the sharing of views on the issue between the National Council and ├ëdouard Philippe’s government.

Lastly, to further relieve congestion within the Principality, other “airborne” solutions are also envisaged with the installation of a gondola between the Exotic Garden, Fontvieille, and the Rock. Though the project is not a brand new idea, it still remains under contemplation, as it is intimately linked to the construction of 1820 parking spaces on the heights of the Exotic Garden. It remains to be seen whether the new National Council will take a favorable position on the rather controversial Monegasque gondola issue. A story worth following…

*Article originally published on the French edition of the Monaco Tribune.