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The Monte-Carlo Ballet’s first ever livestream!

The Monte-Carlo Ballet's first ever livestream!
The Monte-Carlo Ballet's first ever livestream!

In the framework of the now infamous Imprévus dance sessions, the Monegasque choreographic company is organizing a livestream of this somewhat mysterious representation. It will be broadcast on Instagram and Facebook live, as well as on Youtube, this Thursday, April 4th beginning at 7 pm.

The Imprévus (Surprises) are special dance sessions organized by Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo twice per season. During the events, the ballet opens its workshop doors to the Friends of the Ballets de Monte-Carlo, who enjoy a unique artistic production. Watching dance studio in full representation from close proximity is a rather original and rare occasion that is to be savored. Aside from the livestream digital broadcast, two physical shows of this type are scheduled for April 5th and 6th respectively. As the name of the show specifies, the themes and durations of these pieces are not indicated in advance.

World Dance

Alongside the two surprise performances this week, there is a livestream scheduled for Thursday evening. Social media users will be able to watch the dance company live on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. This is a first for the Ballet, which was specially organized for this atypical event. The idea is to lift the veil on the inspiration of two future choreographies by Jean-Christophe Maillot and Goyo Montero, Core Meu and Atman, which are united under the dance program called Corpus. The final version of this show will be available at the Grimaldi Forum from April 25th to 28th.


*Article originally published on the French edition of the Monaco Tribune.