Since September 2018, Jean-Paul Carpentier, 68 years old, has been incarcerated in Perpignan. Accused of abuse by two plaintiffs, he signed many documents imitating the signature of both Charlene and Albert of Monaco. The couple has officially brought forward their complaint.

Jean-Paul Carpentier, 68 years old, has quite a strange story. Behind the features of a mature man hides a well-known thief and con-artist. Scams, breaches of trust, forgery, and uses of forgery… Carpentier’s record is impressive – 20 convictions since 1991!

Forging Monegasque residency

In this new story, the man used the identity of the noble couple to swindle two former companions. The latter succumbed to the advances of the man who posed as a rich businessman with operating rights within the Principality. His trap was to make them believe that he was going to help them acquire the coveted tax status of Monegasque residency. The ruse lasted many months thanks to the massive production of false documents from a fictitious law firm as well as several prestigious organizations. Nearly 70 of them even bear the signature of His Serene Highness Albert and his wife Charlene!

Jean-Paul Carpentier denies the facts but the evidence seems overwhelming. The trial will begin in the coming days and the princely couple is among the plaintiffs. Look forward to a verdict on May 21st.

*Article originally published on the French edition of the Monaco Tribune.