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Prince Albert II honoured for his commitment to the Arctic

In Rovaniemi, Finland, Prince Albert II received the honorary doctor’s honour to commend his commitment to the Arctic region.

Prince Albert II was in Rovaniemi, Finland late last week, to participate in the graduation ceremony of the University of Lapland. The opportunity to receive an honorary doctorate from the university, commending its commitment to the Arctic and its action against climate change.


After having accepted the insignia of the master of ceremonies, the Sovereign has shown his gratitude for being honoured in this symbolic place of science and education, while sceptics are still numerous to avoid the environmental emergency.


He also spoke of the situation in the Arctic region, where climate change has been changing the rhythm of the seasons, ecosystems and the life of local communities for several years.

This is why establishing the link between the environment and man is essential for indigenous peoples as well as for all humanity.

“Establishing this link is also thinking of all humanity, because the Arctic, perhaps more than any geographic area in the world, has a direct influence on the entire planet” stressed the Sovereign.

He then recalled the links that unite his foundation at the University of the Arctic, an institution developing training for young graduates from the boreal regions so that they can become economic and political actors.

The award of this diploma to the Sovereign was organized in the framework of 40 years of the University of Lapland, directed by the rector Mauri Yl├Ą-Kotola.

He emphasized the complexity of the Arctic region where different cultures, communities and environments mix with each other in their respective individualities and not according to universal criteria.