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Exhibition by Artgraine at the Exotic Garden of Monaco

From Tuesday, July 2, the Exotic Garden of Monaco welcomes the artist Séverine Cadier, aka Artgraine, who will exhibit his enlarged seed casts, throughout the summer.

In total, 30 works will be presented outdoors, and in the Louis Vatrican greenhouse. Each representing a seed enlarged between 20 and 100 times. Most of these seeds come from the Exotic Garden. They have been entrusted to the artist to reveal the extraordinary shapes unknown to our scale through a work of enlargement. Then moulding using various materials.


At the origin of this approach, Séverine Cadier’s particular interest in plants in general, and consequently to their seeds that she considers as “their embryos”. And to explain:

“Around us, thousands of seeds; under our feet, on our clothes, in the air, when we walk. Tiny, unnoticed, insignificant. These potential treasures contain the largest trees, the most beautiful flowers, the plants. To reproduce them in a big way is to open ourselves up to a mysterious world, to make it finally accessible.
Séverine Cadier has been working on the various techniques of ceramics in multiple workshops since 1991. She offers us here the result of her reflection through XXL ceramics, enlargements of these wonderful little seeds, “a poetic immersion in the fabulous wealth of the living world.”

Exhibition by Artgraine From July 2 to August 30, 2019 – Exotic Garden of Monaco

Free access on presentation of the entrance ticket to the Exotic Garden

Information: +377 93 15 29 80