A8 – New ramp of Beausoleil – Signature of the financing agreement

Serge Telle, Minister of State of the Principality, Charles Ange Ginesy, President of the Alpes-Maritimes Departmental Council, Jean-Claude Guibal, President of the Agglomeration Community of the French Riviera and Blaise Rapior, General Manager of the Network ESCOTA of VINCI Autoroutes signed the financing agreement for the construction of the new ramp of the Beausoleil interchange .

 Jean Castellini, Government Counselor-Minister of Finance and Economy, Marie-Pierre Gramaglia, Government Counselor-Minister of Equipment, Environment and Urbanism and Yoann Toubhans, Sub-Prefect Nice-Montagne, also attended this ceremony.


In his address, Serge Telle underlined: “This project is a technical and political, administrative and financial cooperation, remarkably effective, since the signing of our framework agreement in January 2017 – and even before.”

This ramp, whose work will be spread over a year, will create a new access road providing access to the Principality, reduce the number of cars crossing the Turbie and streamline traffic on the A500 motorway and in the Monaco tunnel.

This 6.06 million euro regional development operation is co-financed by the Prince’s Government, the Alpes-Maritimes Departmental Council, the French Riviera Agglomeration Community and the Escota Network/VINCI Autoroutes.