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Beginning of the renovation of the seaside resort of Larvotto

The renovation of the seaside resort Larvotto has begun with the installation of acoustic barriers which will delimit the site area. In the next 15 days, merchants will gradually release the areas of shops and restaurants.

This complete renovation of the site will make it possible to better protect the sea beach with breakwaters installed between the existing dykes, to offer more qualitative and attractive commercial surfaces that will be able to remain in activity all year long and expand public spaces.

The project has high environmental objectives: energy performance research, low consumption management of public lighting, installation of electric charging stations for bicycles, optimization of water management, intelligent waste management, photovoltaic pergola, production electricity, thalasso thermic loop to supply heating and to cool the entire neighbourhood.


The schedule foresees the following phases:

  • October 2 evening: closing of restaurants
  • October 3: closure of the public access to the beach – the start of the move – the start of the installation of the palisades (duration of 4 weeks)
  • Summer 2020: reopening access to the beach for the public
  • July 2021: the reopening of shops and restaurants
  • January 2022: end of work