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Jean Castellini meets the merchants of Larvotto

Jean Castellini, Government Counselor – Minister of Finance and Economy, accompanied by Rémy Rolland, Administrator of the Domaines and Olivier Damour of the Public Works Department, visited Larvotto to meet the merchants who have released spaces, restaurants or businesses, to make room for redevelopment work.

“The purpose of my visit is to show the interest of the Government in merchants Larvotto and the project of a complete redevelopment of the area. I can only welcome the state of mind of everyone during the exchanges, especially with the Administration of Domains to consider this closure and set the compensation based on turnover,” Jean Castellini said.


He also mentioned the need to embellish the place: “Today, opens a new era with the great opportunity to renovate this set to bring it to the finest international standards. A beautiful urbanization at sea is being built, so it was logical that in the extension, the Larvotto is redone.”