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Unusual walks in unusual places in Beausoleil organized on November 16th

Saturday, November 16, Bénédicte Sire, actress and director, will take you on an exotic journey in the heart of the city of Beausoleil. These walks and meals are composed of meetings, life stories of those who live and work there.

Stories of flavours, unusual and unexpected places. Routes in the city, delicious and astonishing, full of poetry and humanity. On the agenda of this day discover:

The morning. Beausoleil a story of tastes, taste the meals of the shops in the shops (in the heart of the city, close to Monaco), composed of local cuisines and the world: Italy, Nice, Portugal, Russia, Sri Lanka … Discovery splendid frescoes of Villa Juturne with Fanny Rogolini.


Stroll, meals and drinks, all-inclusive: 38 €. Duration 2 h 30/3 h. Departure at 10:30.

The afternoon. – The heights of Beausoleil, from Tonkin to the Riviera Palace, in the steps of the writers Apollinaire and Colette. Discover the old popular district of Tonkin where Apollinaire lived and visit the Riviera Palace, accompanied by a story of Colette where one of his heroines discovers the carnal pleasures in this former grand hotel.

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Stroll reserved for adults. Price: 14 € and reduced-price 12 € (students, – 26 years, unemployed). Duration 2 h 30/3 h. Departure at 3 pm The full-day: two walks, meals and drinks included. Price: 52 e (reduced rate: 50 e). Departure at 10.30 am, end around 5.30 pm

Walks created with the help of the archives of the Roger Bennati History and Memory Center, with the support of the city of Beausoleil, produced by the association Image Son et Compagnie.

By reservation only at or

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