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Princess Charlène of Monaco opens a school in Italy

On Saturday in the Abruzzo region of Italy, Princess Charlène named a school rebuilt thanks to the Monegasque Red Cross after the 2016 earthquake.

It is a battered region in central Italy. The one in Abruzzo, ravaged by several earthquakes in 2009 and 2016. At that time, the Monegasque Red Cross raised €170,000 in donations from people who wanted to support the inhabitants of these towns and villages, some of whom seemed to have been bombed after the earthquakes.


With these donations, the Monegasque Red Cross has identified a project on which it wanted to invest. The reconstruction of the Parrozzani Primary School in the same way as Isola del Gran Sasso, a small town of 5,000 inhabitants in the province of Teramo.

Princess Charlène went there on Saturday to inaugurate the new school, which will soon accommodate 200 students. The school now has 1,000 square metres of infrastructure, which the princess was able to appreciate during a visit with the authorities but also with many children in the commune. The new complex built at the entrance to the old town has an earthquake-resistant structure, built of wood and steel.


This project is also a testimony to the thirty-year collaboration between the Monegasque Red Cross and the Italian Red Cross. The two entities meet regularly in the field in various missions. From the security of the Grand Prix to the accompaniment of refugees in the Ventimiglia camp. Donations from the CRM had also made it possible to rebuild a village in 2009, still in Abruzzo after an earthquake.

To mark this link between the Monegasque and Italian Red Cross, Princess Charlène received the Italian Red Cross gold medal on Saturday from Rosario Maria Gianluca Valestro, Vice-President of the institution.