Monaco government seeks to enforce ban on Uber

uber ban monte carlo


Faced with the increased number of Uber vehicles on Monegasque territory, and without any legal authorisation to operate, nor the sticker required by Sovereign Order n°1.720 for foreign vehicles, the Government of Monaco has decided to take a regulatory measures to formally confirm its ban on the territory.


Thus Government Counsellor-Minister of Finance and Economy Jean Castellini, stated that Sovereign Order n°1.720 of 4th July 2008 on the regulation of taxis, delivery vehicles, town service vehicles and motorcycles has been amended to include “on request.”


He said that “any foreign platform for bringing together professional drivers and private individuals is strictly forbidden on the territory of the Principality. The only tolerance may be accepted when a client is dropped off in the Principality after being picked up outside of the Principality.”


As a result, the Government of Monaco aims to draw the attention to Uber users to the illegal activity of these drivers in Monaco. It hopes to highlight the Principality’s own players in this field, which provide more than 220 vehicles available 24 hours a day throughout the territory.


Finally, the Prince’s Government will not fail to contact the representatives of the Uber company again so that they can once again make their drivers aware “of the regulations in force in the Principality”.


Uber is currently banned in France amongst drivers’ with no taxi licence and in 9 countries world wide is currently fully or partially banned.