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Three new digital tools to make life easier in Monaco

Your Monaco Digital tools
Your Monaco / Prince's Government

On 23rd July, the Prince’s Government revealed a new website, Your Monaco, alongside two mobiles apps, Urban Report and Waze in hopes to “strengthen the link” between the Government, Monégasques and residents alike.


Marie-Pierre Gramaglia, Government Counsellor and Minister of Public Works, the Environment and Urban Planning, and Georges Gambarini, head of the Smart City programme at the Department of Digital Services, revealed the three digital tools on 23rd July with the idea of “better informing the population and listening to them.”

The Your Monaco website aims to bring together all the Principality’s information on a single site. Available in French, English and Italian, it is divided into four main categories, including My daily life, My city, My environment and My urban services. These themes are broken down into around forty illustrated articles, each having a map with GPS map which includes information points. For example, it is possible to locate all the building sites in the Principality by going to the “My town” map. You can fully personalise the app by changing your preferences and indicating your location.

New navigation app “Waze for Cities”

Urban Report allows users to report road works or problem on a construction site. The report is then forwarded to the Department of Public Works, Environment and Urban Planning (DEEU). “They [the users] enable the State to better meet their needs by co-constructing a better urban environment,” explains Georges Gambarini.

Monaco also participates in the programme “Waze for Cities” from navigation app Waze. It aims to obtain more precise data and statistics to integrate specifics information in individual cities. “The 32 variable message signs make it possible to communicate this information directly to drivers in real time, particularly in order to redirect traffic in the event of lane closures or incidents,” the Government points out.