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Car sharing app Klaxit comes to Monaco


On 18 September, Monaco joined Klaxit, a short-distance car sharing app. The app will operate during a one-year trial period.

Klaxit, French leader in short-distance car sharing will be available in Monaco for at least one year. The French app was officially launched in presence of Marie-Pierre Gramaglia, Monaco’s Minister of Public Works, the Environment and Urban Development.

20% drop in traffic by 2030

Klaxit will be tried out in 25 locations around the Principality, for a total of over 9,300 employees. The main objective at the moment is to get as many users as possible, in order to assess the effectiveness of the app. The Prince’s Government decided to go through with the trial despite the pandemic, stating that “it is fundamental to take ownership of this opportunity for shared mobility”. The number of commuters by car will be limited due to health concerns.

On any given day, almost 50,000 French and Italian employees commute into Monaco. “The majority of which come by car, for an average occupancy rate of 1,1 person by car,” states the government.  The car-sharing app could therefore become an important agent in Monaco’s effort to reduced traffic. Monaco aims for a 20% drop within the next ten years.