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Digital transition: Monaco middle schoolers get 1,200 laptops

Collège Numérique Monaco
Manuel Vitali - Direction de la Communication

On Monday, Monaco took a new step towards its digital transition by giving 1,200 laptops to the country’s middle school students. 

“We’re entering the era of augmented education,” said Isabelle Bonnal, head of Monaco’s Department of Education, Youth and Sport. Following the introduction, last year, of compulsory programming classes from kindergarten onwards and of a digital training centre for teachers called EduLab, Monaco has now gone one step further in its educational digital transition. The 1,200 laptops are part of the “digital middle school” scheme.


“Ensuring learning continuity outside the classroom”

On Monday, 1,200 middle school students were given fully equipped computers by Monaco’s Minister of State, Pierre Dartout. Speaking about the “digital middle school” scheme, the Minister of State said: “It is has a pedagogical aim, whereby it encourages the teacher’s creativity and betters student learning. In light of Covid-19, the laptops also ensure learning continuity outside the classroom,” he said.

More diverse ways of learning

Meanwhile, Frédéric Genta, who is in charge of Monaco’s digital transition, insisted on the diversity of digital learning. “It will give teachers a variety of learning resources, strengthen their teaching methods, and lessons more innovative,” he said. Monaco’s digital transition will continue in 2021 with the implementation of the “digital high school” scheme.

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