Now that light-up mistletoes and fairy lights brighten Monaco evenings, there is one last question on everybody’s lips. What will Christmas in Monaco look like in 2020?

In Monaco, Christmas lights have been going up since the end of September. At last, on Friday 20 November, the Mayor of Monaco Georges Marsan switched on the Principality’s Christmas light display.  With no less than 727 designs, no Monaco neighbourhood has been left without. All the Christmas lights are 100% LED and eco-designed.

Two new apps to brighten up your feed

Monaco’s Christmas season has been graced by exciting new arrivals. Thanks to the app Playmagic, it will now be possible to take pictures with Father Christmas. Playcolor Monaco will also let you change the colour of certain christmas lights. 

Santa is back

For 14 years now, Father Christmas takes up temporary lodgings at Monaco’s post office. While he’s busy preparing gifts, his personal secretary takes care of sifting through the many letters written to him by Monaco’s children. Do you want to write to Father Christmas or send him a drawing? Here’s what you need to do.

  • If you want to send Father Christmas a physical letter, you can post your letter in the postbox in the Metropole shopping centre or simply pop it in any other Monaco postbox.
  • For the more technologically inclined, you can also email Father Christmas through Monaco’s post office website.

And be sure to leave a return address if you want a reply! The deadline is 24 December.