Monaco’s International Atomic Energy Agency laboratory has received one million dollars in funding from the United States government. The money is intended for the laboratory’s environmental research.  

It’s no news that Prince Albert II cares deeply about the environment. There are many research centres and organisations in Monaco dedicated to protecting the environment, amongst them the  International Atomic Energy Agency laboratory. The centre will now receive 1, 013,000 dollars in U.S. funding from the American Government to conduct environmental research. 

The money will go to fund the laboratory’s research on ocean acidification and degraded marine ecosystems.

Benefits of nuclear energy

Exactly $ 665,000 will go to the Ocean Acidification International Coordination Centre. “Our labs have developed cutting-edge knowledge of the atom by developing nuclear and isotopic techniques,” says the IAEA. The aim of their work is to improve “scientific knowledge” and suggest ways of “mitigating the impacts of human activities”.

Nice-Matin reports that the Monaco lab mainly studies the impact of plastic particles and contaminants on sea-life.

Other possible uses for nuclear energy :

  • To heat cities
  • To desalinate sea water
  • To preserve food, for sterelisation and to treat pollution
  • To produce hydrogen
  • To restore and to protect works of art
  • To develop rockets