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Monte-Carlo International Circus Festival cancelled, Principality insists a show must go on

© Monte-Carlo International Circus Festival

Despite Covid-19 preventing the 45th edition of the Monte-Carlo International Circus Festival from going ahead, the Principality still has some suprises in store.

The world of culture has not escaped the clutches of Covid-19. Last September, Princess Charlène announced the cancellation of the Monte-Carlo International Circus Festival. The 2021 edition was set to begin this week, welcoming clowns, acrobats and animal trainers to the Principality. Although this years’ performances are cancelled, the Principality is determined not to disappoint the people of Monaco. Entertainment will still be provided as news channel, Monaco Info, will be broadcasting the events’ 40th anniversary edition. The performance will be shown on 21 and 26 January at 9pm.

Circus clowns to appear on stamps

Across the Principality, themed stamps are being sold to commemorate the Festival. Books of stamps are currently on sale in the Stamp Issuing Office, Museum of Stamps and Coins and some local shops. Well known faces appear on the stamps, including: Russia’s most famous clown, Yuri Nikulin, and Charlie Rivel, one of the few clowns to have achieved international success.

Artists’ careers in jeopardy

The circus industry, like all sectors affected by the pandemic, is worried about its future. “We had put together a brand new show. Since lockdown started, all we’ve done is pay out money. We haven’t been able to make any income,” explains Fredy Knie Junior,  named the “golden clown” of the 2020 edition by Monaco Info. From 20 to 30 January 2022, the golden clown and the rest of the team will hopefully be able to perform at the 45th edition of the Monte-Carlo International Circus Festival.