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Monaco Ocean Week: how can we save our underwater world?

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Endangered coral reefs, plastic pollution and ocean acidification are just some of the threats facing marine ecosystems today. In celebration of the 12th edition of the Monaco Blue Initiative, the Principality is shedding light on the NGOs and scientists fighting to protect the deep blue every single day.

This year, Monaco Ocean Week will take place from Monday 22 to Sunday 28 March, showcasing the latest projects, initiatives and activism for the protection of marine ecosystems all over the world. The event is organised by the Prince Albert II Foundation and its partners, including: Monaco’s Oceanographic Institute, Scientific Centre and Yacht Club.

Throughout the week there will be conferences with ocean scientists, as well as workshops dedicated to innovation. Due to the pandemic, this year’s event will take place both online and in person in order to comply with covid safety guidelines.

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Fighting the war on plastic and ocean pollution

Next week, a whole host of innovative scientific projects will be presented, including: 3D printing of artificial reefs, the latest methods used to combat plastic pollution and recent findings about algae and their ability to regenerate the ocean.

Currently, eight million tonnes of plastic are threatening marine ecosystems. In an effort to clean up our oceans, scientists and society members of all different nationalities are coming together to showcase their solutions to help fight the environmental crisis.

The 12th edition of the Monaco Blue Initiative will take place form Monday 22 to Sunday 28 March 2021. To learn more, visit Monaco Ocean Week agenda.

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