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Monaco to modernise its large network of travelators, public lifts and escalators

Jose Sotoa

Travelators, public lifts and escalators are just some of the 140 mechanical installations making getting around the Principality that bit easier. By 2025, elements of this network will have been modernised and improved.

Amongst this network of 140 installations are 80 public lifts available 24/7, as well as 37 escalators, 8 travelators and 8 wheelchair platform lifts. Getting around the Principality has never been so easy, but if renovation works are not done soon, then residents may not be able to get from A to B quite so quickly. The standard mechanical installation has a lifetime of around 15 years, meaning many of Monaco’s fittings are due a replacement.


Monaco’s Department of Urban Amenities (DAU) has decided to replace 65 of these installations by 2025. The DAU aim to replace these fixtures with more up-to-date, reliable pieces of equipment that will also be better for the environment, by requiring less energy to power them. “The current installations will be replaced by ones that use much less energy,” explained Régis Fontanez, Head of the DAU’s energy section, whilst speaking to news channel Monaco Info.

Monaco aims to be carbon neutral

Modernising these aspects of the Principality’s infrastructure is part of a broader environmental plan to improve soft mobility and air quality. Not only this, but by encouraging more people to leave their cars at home and get around on foot instead, it is hoped that greenhouse gas emissions will reduce, especially as Monaco aims to be carbon neutral by 2050. Already with these smart pedestrian links in place, people can get from one side of Monaco to another in just 45 minutes !

In 2020, nine public lifts were replaced and two of these were in the Condamine Market. Work will continue in 2021 with plans in place to modernise 17 more installations.

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