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Covid-19: curfew, bars… more restrictions easing in Monaco

Romain Boisaubert / Monaco Tribune

The government in Monaco have announced that lockdown restrictions will be easing. The new rules will be in force for the next two weeks, from the 17 to 30 May.

At last, the Principality is seeing the return to some sort of normality. Whilst the restrictions, in place since the 11 January, have once again been extended, this time some of the rules will be more relaxed. Most notably, the curfew has been pushed back an hour meaning it will now be 10pm – 6pm. As well as this, both indoor and outdoor swimming pools will be allowed to reopen, so long as strict safety protocols are followed. As for the beach, if there is at least 1.5 metre between people from different households then it is no longer a legal requirement to wear a mask.


Even though Covid numbers are slowly coming down, people are still being urged to remain cautious. From the 3 to 9 May, the incidence rate was 57.4 and only two people were being treated in the Princess Grace Hospital.

Vaccination programme gaining pace

The vaccination campaign continues to make progress in the Principality. As of today, 14,860 people have been vaccinated, which is around 40% of all Monégasque residents. The over 45s are the next priority group to be vaccinated and will be the first to receive the latest batch of Pfizer doses delivered to Monaco. If this rate of vaccination is maintained, then the goal of inoculating 48.5% of Monaco’s population will soon be reached.

Longer opening hours for hospitality industry

From Monday onwards, people will be allowed to dine out in the evenings from 7pm – 11pm. However, there are restrictions as to who may use the restaurants during these hours. Only those living, studying or staying in a hotel in Monaco, as well as Monégasque employees and anyone from their household, will be allowed to dine, provided they have filled in the required form. As for bars and cafes, their opening hours have been extended to 6am – 7pm.

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Along with restaurants, theatres and the casino will also now be open to the public until 11pm.

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