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Covid-19: gyms reopen in Monaco

Indoor sport gym

After being closed for four months, Monaco’s public gym Hercule Fitness Club finally opened up its doors on Monday 3 May. Weight training can begin again as long as gym enthusiasts book a slot online before their workout.


Whilst swimming pools, spas and jacuzzis remain closed in Monaco, the Hercules Fitness Club was able to reopen again this Monday. However, it has to comply with the Principality’s safety measures, which the Princely Government have recently relaxed slightly. From now on, the gym will be open from 7am-8.30pm on weekdays and 8pm-6pm on weekends.

Exercise classes will go ahead outside in the gym’s pergola, but only those who book a slot in advance will be able to access the indoor weight training area, with members only being allowed to book one slot per day. As well as this, anyone working out must wear a mask at all times inside the Hercule Fitness Club. Hair dryers and saunas will remain out of use.

Sailing, rowing and outdoor sport in Monaco

In Monaco, people are now allowed to take part in water sports, such as sailing and rowing, so long as they do them alone, since wearing a mask is not possible in such humid conditions. Anyone wishing to participate in other outdoor sports, either by themselves or with a coach, are free to do so, as long as they keep two metres a part at all times. In terms of professional and amateur sports, matches are permitted, but must take place behind closed doors.